Leadership & Instructors Meetings


Wolves Team Leaders and Instructors Meeting – Term 3, 2018

Date: Sunday, 12th August, 2018

Leadership/Assistant Instructor members: 4.00pm–5.00pm
Instructors: 5.00pm–6.00pm

Blaxland East Public School
53 Old Bathurst Road, Blaxland NSW 2774

What to bring: 
Loose training clothes, joggers, all pads and training equipment. Uniforms are not required.


Team Leader Program Information

The Team Leader program offers students the following:

  • Learn multi-background/age group management skills
  • Learn appropriate assertiveness
  • Learn how to lead a group in a empathic manner
  • Pathway to gaining Level One Coaching Certificate – Senior Team Leaders only
  • Pathway to gaining Level One Taekwondo Referring Certificate – Senior Team Leaders only
  • To be recognised within the community as a responsible role model
  • Professional reference stating your leadership skills, management experience and your role within the community
  • Personal mentoring and tutoring with the Instructors Team
  • To work towards the possibility of becoming a Club Instructor, Taekwondo Sport Coach and Taekwondo Referees

How to I become a Team Leader member?

  • Please email a “Letter of Interest” stating your name, age, rank and training availability and a short explanation of why you like to join the Leadership Team to Master Andrew: wolvestkd@optusnet.com.au
  • Senior members: must be 16 years of age or over
  • Junior members: must be 10 years of age or over
  • Willing to complete Level One Coaching Certificate from ASC – Senior Team Leaders only
  • Willing to be available for 2-3 classes per night per week
  • Minimum Grade: Red Belt

Uniform Requirements

  • White uniform top with black lapel and black pants. Supportive shoes. No street clothes to class allowed
  •  “Leadership team” badge on right side of uniform top
  • Uniform must always be clean and ironed

Instructor Program Information

Objective of Course

  • Learn how to teach a Ninja Wolf Pack, Commando Wolves, Family and Advance Family classes of Taekwondo

Location of Course

  • Various locations throughout the Blue Mountains district

Length of Course

  • Until the applicant has obtained a competent level in all the course modules – this will take approximately 6-9 months

Requirements of Applicant

  • Member of Wolves Martial Arts
  • 18 years or older
  • 1st Dan or above
  • Must be available 1 night per week for 12 months
  • Must be available for Instructor training days, Gradings, Challenge Camps and help days

Requirements of Application

  • First Aid certificate
  • Coaching Level 1 course
  • Drivers License
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Workplace Training and Assessment course – (TAFE) OPTIONAL, BUT PREFERRED

Formal Modules Trainee Instructors Study

  • Customer service
  • Class room management
  • Class room O&HS procedures
  • Warm up procedures
  • Teaching techniques
  • Grading responsibilities and duties
  • Technical


Wolves Instructors and Team Leaders

Wolves Instructors and Team Leaders