Drew’s New Single Release!

Drew (Andrew) Johnston has recently recorded a new album called Tea House.

Tea House is an upbeat, acoustic guitar driven folk/rock album featuring mostly songs with feel-good story lines and the occasional darker lyrical content. 

“The presence of acoustic guitar, mandolin, papoose and banjo is paramount throughout the album,” says Drew. “The acoustic instruments hinge strongly on the use of Eastern and Western percussion, drums and loops. In my humble opinion, the varied and layered electric guitar work producer Rod McCormack laid down gives the album strength. Tea House is an honest attempt at offering different soundscapes that I hope the listener thoroughly enjoys.”

My New Single Release!

The first single off the album, Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone is a love song about a man who falls in love with a woman he yearns to be with as much as he aspires one day to see the famous annual cherry blossom fall in Osaka.

Release Date

The new music single, Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone will be released on Monday, 22 September through iTunes.

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New single “ Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone " off the new album  Tea House.

New single “Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone" off the new album Tea House.