Japanese Tea Houses were an Inspiration...

Songwriters find inspiration in many places – for Drew Johnston inspiration came from the traditional tea houses of Japan.

That was where the martial arts master finished writing the lyrics for his captivating new album – appropriately named Tea House.

The album’s first single Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone, available on iTunes on Monday, September 22, tells the story of a man who yearns to be with the woman he loves as much as he aspires to see the famous annual cherry blossom fall in Osaka. 

Drew Johnston is already well known to students and exponents for his martial arts expertise – now he reveals his creative, musical and lyrical talents in Tea House, his third album.

Before going into the recording studio Drew travelled to Japan, visiting Buddhist and Shinto shrines and drawing inspiration from the experience of ‘sitting still’ in tea houses, which he describes as “beautiful little establishments”.

The upbeat, acoustic guitar-driven folk/rock album, produced with award-winning producer, song writer and musician Rod McCormack, features mostly feel-good story lines with acoustic guitar, mandolin, papoose and banjo paramount.

Drew would love you to share his musical journey – and his inspiration – by going online and purchasing a copy of Sticks, paper, bamboo and stone from iTunes between 10am and 1pm on Monday.